Welcome to my POC of a strange way to authenticate using YAML and JWTs (source code)

You can login with demo/demo if you don't have an account, your session will only last 5 minutes

You could also check out other users of the site by hitting their user page, e.g. demo. You can find contact details for the author (ols) on his user page.

Don't even try and hit the secret page without being logged in

The file for the user demo looks like this:

username: demo
password: $2y$12$rvlcTz9T2mxDG0vXQ9hZo.MSKhc/qlUqnXIT1mNDc.IjRmTgF/CGy
name: Demo User
email: joe.bloggs@example.org
social: https://twitter.com/test
homepage: https://example.org
git: https://github.com/test
status: active